The Star Wars Combine Banner Exchange


Thanks for letting me offload those guys. But my replacements are doing well, sometimes cruizing around a planet square gaining experience. I say sometimes because there seem to be some union disputes that have been causing them to pause every now and then. Now they actually think they should get to rest on patrol. There’s just no honor with today’s

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Melee Combat Troopers under shields

So I bought some Melee Troopers from Pleice-o Watanabe who has since been assasinated. They were sold as U/U/U but since Pleice-o is dead I have no recourse. These sentients are under sheilds so are useless to me.

I’ve placed them on CPM once with no takers, so I dropped my starting auction price over half.

24 on Skeebo Asteroid Cloud


26 on Skeebo III

Come on, someone take these off my hands.

Auction ends 10/20/2012

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Avance Pugilist Bouts

The APB Season 5 is going strong. Previous seasons were about popularity and seeing how many votes you can get. Season 5 is a whole new ballgame. It’s about skills, abilities, training and just rolling dice to see who wins. The Role Playing aspect is where things get interesting. You can only really advance in experience points by role playing. You have to advance in levels to win in the arena as everyone else is training as hard as they can.

Come on out and watch the carnage!

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The Wraiths Avatar Border Images

OK, so I got jealous of all of these faction border I see on the SWCombine forums. The Wraiths didn’t have any suck border, so I used my absence of image manipulation talent, with a little help from Pixlr and Voila, borders for everyone. Finally I used House ExHilo’s to give some props to my favorite NFG.

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Centurion Arms opens their doors again

Centurion Arms has opened their doors again!!! Go on over and pick up an A280 for all of your sniping needs. I did.

Name: A280
Description: When assault teams require intensive, accurate and long ranged firepower the BlasTech A280 tops the list. While heavy for a blaster rifle the A280 offers unparalleled firepower that renders most armour useless and is accurate beyond the range of most other weapons. While the weapon is undoubtedly one of the best on the market it is not without drawbacks. Cooling requirements necessitate a low rate of fire and the sheer energy requirements of its bolts drain power cells with alarming rapidity. Gives +1 to critical hit rate.

Check out their other wonderful toys of chaos…

  • A280
  • Bowcaster
  • C-10
  • C-22
  • DT-12
  • EE-3
  • Frame Charge
  • K-43
  • NZ 9118
  • Relby K-23
  • Saber
  • Vibro Axe

Tell ’em Blaqflame sent ya’.

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Fnord is evaporated herbal tea without the herbs.

Fnord is that funny feeling you get when you reach for the Snickers bar and come back holding a slurpee.

Fnord is the 43 1/3rd state, next to Wyoming. Fnord is this really, really tall mountain. Fnord is the reason boxes of condoms carry twelve instead of ten.

Fnord is the blue stripes in the road that never get painted. Fnord is place where those socks vanish off to in the laundry. Fnord is an arcade game like Pacman without the little dots. Fnord is a little pufflike cloud you see at 5pm.

Fnord is the tool the dentist uses on unruly patients. Fnord is the blank paper that cassette labels are printed on. Fnord is where the buses hide at night. Fnord is the empty pages at the end of the book.

Fnord is the screw that falls from the car for no reason. Fnord is why Burger King uses paper instead of foam. Fnord is the little green pebble in your shoe. Fnord is the orange print in the yellow pages.

Fnord is a pickle without the bumps. Fnord is why ducks eat trees. Fnord is toast without bread. Fnord is a venetian blind without the slats.

Fnord is the lint in the navel of the mites that eat the lint in the navel of the mites that eat the lint in Fnord’s navel.

Fnord is an apostrophe on drugs. Fnord is the bucket where they keep the unused serifs for H*lvetica. Fnord is the gunk that sticks to the inside of your car’s fenders. Fnord is the source of all the zero bits in your computer.

Fnord is the echo of silence. Fnord is the parsley on the plate of life. Fnord is the sales tax on happiness. Fnord is the preposition at the end of sixpence.

Fnord is the feeling in your brain when you hold your breath too long. Fnord is the reason latent homosexuals stay latent.

Fnord is the donut hole. Fnord is the whole donut.

Fnord is an annoying series of email messages. Fnord is the color only blind people can see.

Fnord is the serial number on a box of cereal.

Fnord is the Universe with decreasing entropy. Fnord is a naked woman with herpes simplex 428.

Fnord is the yin without yang. Fnord is a pyrotumescent retrograde onyx obelisk.

Fnord is why lisp has so many parentheses. Fnord is the the four-leaf clover with a missing leaf.

Fnord is double-jointed and has a cubic spline.

Fnord never sleeps.

Fnord is the “een” in baleen whale.

Fnord is neither a particle nor a wave.

Fnord is the space in between the pixels on your screen.

Fnord is the guy that writes the Infiniti ads. Fnord is the nut in peanut butter and jelly. Fnord is an antebellum flagellum fella.

Fnord is a sentient vacuum cleaner.

Fnord is the smallest number greater than zero. Fnord lives in the empty space above a decimal point.

Fnord is the odd-colored scale on a dragon’s back. Fnord is the redundant coin slot on arcade games. Fnord was last seen in Omaha, Nebraska.

Fnord is the founding father of the phrase “founding father”. Fnord is the last bit of sand you can’t get out of your shoe. Fnord is Jesus’s speech advisor. Fnord keeps a spare eyebrow in his pocket. Fnord invented the green hubcap. Fnord is why doctors ask you to cough.

Fnord is the “ooo” in varooom of race cars. Fnord uses two bathtubs at once.

I cannot escape them No matter how I try They wait for me everywhere I cannot pass them by.

Driving down the street I see “Jesus Is Lord” And then immediately after I hear the word “FNORD!”

Innocuous sayings and parables And on the evening news I hear the word “FNORD!” And suddenly I’m confused

I sit alone in my room And I’m feeling rather bored I turn on the tube and guess what I hear the word “FNORD!”

“Don’t see the fnords and they won’t eat you” That’s what I’ve heard the wisemen say But I can’t get away from those beasties There’s just no fucking way.

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House ExHilo

A toast to those of House ExHilo
Exhilo Black Bottle

For those with more distinguished tastes, I have some special reserve saved from a special batch.

Exhilo Special Reserve

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White Scenario coming up

I’m going to start my first White Scenario soon. “Game of Patience”.

Hopefully this will get approved by the moderators and we’ll be able to get to it. It will be an interesting one compared with others out there. We will be using dice to make decisions. Resurrection will be allowed at the entrance to the ruins where it is taking place. Whatever items, ships or droids we find we get to keep. Resurrection will actually cost credits, same as medical equipment, but it should be worth it.
I’m bringing a Defel with me to handle the close in fighting…

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The Race Has Begun

The Combine has entered a new era of discovery.  Recently, our galaxy has undergone a shift of reality.  Where before there was empty space, there is now matter. A couple dozen systems have been detected by our scientists.  They say that many new system must have come into existence recently as our gravity mapping has changed enough that they put the count at a couple of dozen.

The first of these new systems has been discovered. It’s completly full of suns, which must wreak havoc with the planets in it.

If someone in any of the related faction in which I live find one of these, they will be rewarded greatly.  Riches and fame will befall them.

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Kubaz Rock

So there aren’t that many Kubaz in the Combine. The Kubaz are a race of insectivores who have a penchant for stealth and subterfuge. If you are planning on joining the Combine, please chose the Kubaz race.  We need the numbers.

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