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Vibroblade:      Weight:   0.60 kg    Volume: 0.1 m³
DL-18:               Weight:   2.10 kg    Volume: 0.1000 m³
NZ 9118:           Weight: 13.60 kg   Volume: 0.4166 m³
PrG-7:                Weight:   6.00 kg   Volume: 0.2000 m³
Emp Grenade:  Weight:   2.00 kg   Volume: 0.0200 m³
Zenji Needles:  Weight:   0.10 kg   Volume: 0.0250 m³
         total Weight: 24.1 kg
         Total Volume: 0.8616 m³

I made a new image for my Zenji Needles, without those sissy red beads…

 Much manlier!!


Camouflage Scout Armour    Weight: 8.00 kg  Volume: 0.1700 m³
Camouflage Scout Helmet     Weight: 2.00 kg  Volume: 0.0650 m³
Combination masks smell and heat signatures to match local fauna. +1 gives effective Stealth of 5.
         total Weight: 10 kg
         Total Volume: 0.235 m³


Macro Binoculars   Weight: 4.0 kg   Volume: 0.0450 m³
4 Bacta Patch          Weight: 0.4 kg   Volume: 0.0320 m³
4 Healing Stick        Weight: 0.8 kg   Volume: 0.0400 m³
Elec Lock Breaker   Weight: 1.0 kg   Volume: 0.0100 m³
Heavy Belt               Weight: 3.5 kg   Volume: 0.4000 m³
         total Weight:   9.700 kg
         Total Volume: 0.527 m³

         Total Complete Weight:   44.1000 kg out of 70 kg
         Total Complete Volume:    1.6136 m³ out of 7 m³

Note: 7.6 kg  &  0.227 m³  stowed in belt, grenades on quick release, pistol on hip and NZ on back all with special camo covers with easy access.

Alternate Weapons

Two DY-225s

DY-225 canon, or my custom image

My  longer range rifle, the MG-15 Carbine

MG-15 Carbine

and his little friend the T-21 Light Repeating Blaster…

And where you need a vehicle to disappear, the RPS -6 Rocket Launcher

Just got a few new toys from Centurion Arms…

A280 The A280 Long Range Sniper Rifle
BowcasterA few Bowcasters, think Wookie.
K-43The K43, a Serious single shot Heavy Weapon
Relby K-23And a few Relby K-23’s for my crew
Vibro AxeA few of these bad boys, Vibro Axes for everyone!
And a couple of the Bounty Hunter’s friends; the EE-3


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  1. helicopter says:

    I suggest adding a “google+” button for the blog!

  2. Glad to read the blog, keep it going!

  3. Glad to read this blog! Keep it going!

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