The Star Wars Combine Banner Exchange


As a first, I haven’t applied custom paint jobs so I’m experimenting here. 

So I found Sith poisoned Zenji needles on

Thought the needles there were more Male oriented then the little red beads on the SWCombine version.  So they’ll probably say, that isn’t how their supposed to look, but I like them.  Maybe I can get them in. Here are my images.

My Firespray – Creeping Death…

And of course me…

Ok, so here’s a custom I created from scratch. I was giving a ship away in a secret santa event and figured that was just too generic. After reading that my giftee used to play shockball, I decided to create an Underground Deathmatch Shockball for him. I figured if the ball was left lying around it woyld turn the air around it to plasma (thus the ring in the large image).

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