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I’ve collected a few ships, most recently a Simiyiar Light Freighter.

Here’s my YT-1300, Han had one of these, but not this nice.

My old YT-2000.  Not as many weapons but definetly faster and holds more cargo. I gave this one away in a Chistmas secret Santa event.

Thanks to Ellias Aubec for these two paint jobs.

I also have a Firespray, similair in design to Boba Fett’s Slave I. Recently added a second one to my stables. I stole this image off of Wookieepedia, but changed it’s color, orientation and removed the small moon (or at least tried too)

Schematics from the same place.

And the stock photo of the NU-Class Attack Shuttle.  Should be familiar.

Recently, I’ve won a couple of Pursuer Enforcement Ships. A formidable craft popular with law enforcement with a heavy hull and military grade shields.

I’ve also spawned a squadron of Chir’daki Deathseeds. I got the whole squadron built out before they went rare!

Gave them my first attempt at a paint job.  My first try I like a lot better, but the admins didn’t like the “compression dust” so I started over. I don’t like the inlets as much on this one, but hey it’s my first time.

I also picked up a Simiyiar Light Freighter before they went rare. They look like this…


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  1. blaqflame says:

    Newest ship I’ve purchased is the start of a squad of Starhoppers.

    I don’t have a whole squad yet, but soon. Then I’ll get a custom image and post it here.

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